Thursday, October 14, 2010

Having said that... starting off!

Just click on the dam title to listen!
Recorded live at the Imperial Pub October 12, 2010! Hear the voices of Keith McNally and other well known Canadian podcasters shouting from the peanut gallery. In this inaugural episode the Scarborough Dude, aka Ken, backtracks slightly from comments made on DicksnJanes podcast #267 regarding police behaviour at the G20.

Wanna see this on video!? Click HERE! Special thanks to Joel and Jenn of Squidpod!


  1. Boo! For some reason I can't seem to subscribe in iTunes. Copied the RSS address and everything.

  2. I tried several times to get it set up in iTunes but so far only failure; I'll let you know when it's fixed.

  3. Great first show. A great way to reply to your comments on Dnj or even to backtrack on what you may have said. Really, a brilliant idea. I wish it were mine. Congrats on what may be the start of something big... or just a big as you want it.

  4. If you heard the end of the last DicksnJanes (#267) you can hear the idea come to me, seemingly pretty well out of the blue - but in fact I think it had been simmering for a long time, and just then voiced itself. I feel liberated having this 'back door'.

  5. (1) Brilliant idea for a podcast. Interesting that the live audience is there while you hold yourself to account, or qualify what you have
    to say, or what have you; the dynamic of form fits the expected content perfectly. The audience at the Imperial imposes the same
    restraining pressure upon you as your own conscience, which is where the thoughts/impetus to speak comes from in the first place. Brilliant and intriguing;
    (2) Good on you for owning up to the total absence of evidence for your belief about the cop cars. That could not have been easy to say
    in front of a crowd that I would be willing to bet was NOT very "g-20 cop" friendly. A commitment to responsible discourse and reasoned
    debate shows the considerable strength of your character (I feel vindicated having posted that you ARE a good guy over at DnJ on the comments page for that episode);
    (3) I am honoured to have played a small role in the creation of this show. I am excited for the next episode already. Best of luck with it; you are a true pioneer in this art form; and
    (4) This is a LOT to type from an iPhone, so I'll stop gushing, but when we meet to discuss the G-20 thing, I insist that the first round
    is on me.

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  6. Junior, as you heard, the message of this particular episode is largely thanks to you for calling me on the cop car matter. I really appreciate all the good things you've said about me & the podcast - but the fact that you called me on something is even more important. Others might have held back on that to avoid disagreement & stuck with the 'letsjustallbeniceandgetalong' line which undermines the value of podcasting. I thank you for that call, and although I am not entirely reversing my position, I am glad I have this new show to amend the record. You played an important part in that- thanks.

  7. My pleasure. I would hope you'd do the same for me, and I would also hope I'd react as maturely as you did (though I'm not so sure about the latter part).

    One other thought, unrelated: wouldn't it be a good idea to (somewhere) post a page of links to the shows recorded at/represented at Podcast Night at the Imperial? Maybe a blog for the Tuesday night get togethers that just contained a post each time with links to the participating show pages would be enough. I'd love to sample some of the other participating podcasters' work, but I'm not sure where to look to figure out who's showing up there and doing a show.

  8. We decided at the first gathering to launch a CastRoller Channel of our own for podcasts recorded live at the Imperial Pub. I've posted the link with the video post above.