Friday, May 6, 2011

Having said that... Unkempt

In this episode, Ken talks with good friend Tim Coyne of the Hollywood Podcast about his Unkempt book.

Be sure to listen to Tim Coyne's Unkempt series of podcasts on the Hollywood Podcast


  1. Yo Dude.

    Always great to speak with you.

    You're the best.


  2. I haven't listened to a good podcast in awhile, and Tim's was one of the best. (I believe I've listened to, and enjoyed, an episode or two or yours too, Scarborough Dude. I remember your name, and there's a part of my brain that is itchin' at me, saying I really enjoyed your work.)

    Do you have the audio available as a stream or direct download, by any chance? I'm subscribing using iTunes for now, but I don't pay much attention to podcast clients anymore. (I guess I'm "old school", preferring to cruise websites whenever I'm ready to check out new content.)

    Okay, going to listen now...

  3. Nice to hear from you Harold! I get a kick out of someone finding and enjoying a podcast recorded over two years ago! Tim and I are going to continue doing these Talking To Tim episodes, and I will put them up on this blog: We've just finished our 4th in the series and will be doing another soon.

    My own podcast, DicksnJanes, is a tougher nut to crack, and as Tim Coyne once said, 9.5/10 of his good friends wouldn't enjoy it. It's been going for over 8 years now, and probably means more to me than most of my listeners, but I've heard it grows on people, and the ones who do listen keep coming back for more. Here's the link to the blog, but is also available thru iTunes: