Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DicksnJanes Lite #002: No SIM

Nobody likes the 'No SIM' error - but seems Apple is taking no responsibility for Apple's hardware problem!

I have been an Apple consumer since 1985 and have kept coming back for more, without any major concerns until July 23 when out of the blue I got the No SIM message. I have tried every suggestion, including a new SIM card from Rogers (Canada) and at best have had a few minutes service before the No SIM message reappears. APPLE has to know this is a design flaw of some sort, and it is unconscionable they are not taking responsibility for this. My 2 year warranty expired in April, so I am now left with wifi only, seriously hurting my business dealings. APPLE, address this problem, and give us replacements! Anything less will harm your reputation beyond repair.

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